Research and Activities


National Institute of Biomedical Innovation
Coordination Office of Research Ethics
Department of Research Support
Center for Intractable Diseases and ImmunoGenomics (CiDIG)
Laboratory of ImmunoGenomics
Laboratory of Precision Immunology
Platform of Therapeutics for Intractable Disease
Laboratory of Rare Disease Information and Resource Library
Reverse Translational Research Project
Microbial Research Center for Health and Medicine
Laboratory of Vaccine Materials
Laboratory of Cell Vaccine
Laboratory of Gut Environmental System
Laboratory of Gut Microbiome for Health
Center for Drug Design Research
Laboratory of Proteomics for Drug Discovery
Laboratory of Antibody Design
Laboratory of XNA Screening and Design
Laboratory of Drug Discovery Imaging
Laboratory of Advanced Biopharmaceuticals
Laboratory of Biofunctional Melecular Medicine
Artificial Intelligence Center for Health and Biomedical Research
Laboratory of Bioinformatics
Laboratory of In Silico Design
Laboratory of Toxicogenomics Informatics
AI Nutrition Project
Center for Drug Discovery Resources Research
Laboratory of Drug Discovery Resources Research
Laboratory of Cell Model for Drug Discovery
Laboratory of Functional Organoid for Drug Discovery
Laboratory of Drug Discovery Resources Research Collaboration Promotion Office
Laboratory Animal Resource Bank (LARB)
Research Center for Medicinal Plant Resources
Tsukuba Primate Research Center
Section of Laboratory Equipment
Section of Laboratory Animals


National Institute of Health and Nutrition
Department of Nutritional Epidemiology and Shokuiku
Section of the National Health and Nutrition Survey
Section of Nutritional Epidemiology
Section of Dietary Guidelines
Department of Physical Activity Research
Section of Behavioral Physiology
Section of Exercise Guideline
Section of Healthy Longevity Researches
Department of Clinical Nutrition
Section of Nutritional Therapy
Department of Nutrition and Metabolism
Section of Energy Metabolism
Section of Chrononutrition
Department of Food Function and Labeling
Section of Food Component Analysis
Section of Food Safety and Function
Section of Information Network of Health Food
International Center for Nutrition and Information
Section of International Nutrition Strategy
Section of Population Health Metrics
Section of Global Disaster Nutrition
Section of Research Collaboration and Partnership
AI Nutrition Research team