Research and Activities


Center for Rare Disease Research
Reverse Translational Research Project
Platform of Therapeutics for Rare Disease
Laboratory of Rare Disease Resource Library
Laboratory of Animal Models for Human Diseases
Center for Vaccine and Adjuvant Research
Laboratory of Adjuvant Innovation
Laboratory of Mockup Vaccine
Laboratory of Vaccine Materials
Laboratory of Translational Immunology
Laboratory of Regulation of intractable Infectious Diseases
Laboratory of Immunobiologics Evaluation
Center for Drug Desigh Research
Laboratory of Proteomics for Drug Discovery
Laboratory of Biopharmaceutical Research
Laboratory of Innovative Antibody Engineering and Design
Laboratory of XNA Screening and Design
Laboratory of Medicinal Plant Screening
Laboratory of In-silico Drug Design
Laboratory of Pharmacokinetic Optimization
Laboratory of Cell Network Regulation
Laboratory of Bioimaging and Drug Discovery
Artificial Intelligence Center for Health and Biomedical Research
Laboratory of Bioinformatics
Laboratory of Proteome Research
Laboratory of Toxicogenomics Informatics
Laboratory of Stem Cell Regulation
Laboratory of Cell Cultures
Section of Laboratory Equipments
Section of Laboratory Animals
Research Center for Medicinal Plant Resources
Tsukuba Primate Research Center
Laboratory of Infectious Diseases and Immunity
Laboratory of Nuclear Transport Dynamics
Laboratory of Gut Environmental System
KAGAMI Project
Laboratory of Immunosenescence
Laboratory of Hepatocyte Regulation
Laboratory of Rare Disease Biospecimen
Coordination Office of Research Ethics
Laboratory of Immune Signaling
Department of Research and Development
Orphan Products Promotion Division


Department of Nutritional Epidemiology
Section of the National Health and Nutrition Survey
Section of the Dietary Reference Intakes
Department of Health Promotion and Exercise
Section of Exercise Guideline
Section of Physical Activity Assessment
Department of Clinical Nutrition
Section of Metabolic Syndrome
Section of Nutritional Therapy
Department of Nutritional Education
Section of Nutritional Care and Management
Section of Shokuiku
Department of Nutritional Science
Section of Major Nutrients
Section of Energy Metabolism
Department of Food Function and Labeling
Section of Food Component Analysis
Section of Food and Nutrition Labeling
Section of Food Function
Information Center
Section of Information Network of Health Food
Section of Nutrition Informatics and Technology
Center for International Collaboration and Partnership
Section of International Nutrition Research and Development
Section of Biostatistical Research
Section of Training and Partnership