The second term of National Health Promotion Movement in the twenty first century

Health Japan 21 (the second term) Analysis and Assessment Project

National Health and Nutrition Survey

Physical Status QuestionnaireBack

Usable National Health and Nutrition Survey data from 1973 onward was recounted after a request for its use was approved by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare.


  • Totals have been calculated using a uniform standard for all years due to the importance of maintaining comparability between the results of each year, so the values for a given year may not match those given in that year’s report.
  • Body weights and BMI values for women are totaled without the inclusion of any “pregnant women” or “pregnant/nursing women.” This is because the classification of pregnant and nursing women cannot be made for data from 1985 and earlier.
  • The 2012 survey was expanded to include a larger number of participants than the normal survey. For this reason, those results were weighted to allow for compensation of the difference between the number of households in the 2012 survey and those of normal survey years for each prefecture, and the results were computed as national adjusted values.

Annual changes in average values and standard deviations for height


Annual changes in average values and standard deviations for weight

Blood pressure
Hemoglobin concentration
Serum albumin concentration
Serum total protein concentration
Serum triglyceride concentration
Blood sugar concentration
Hemoglobin A1c
Serum total cholesterol level
Serum HDL cholesterol level
Serum LDL cholesterol level
Number of steps
Anti-hypertensive drug
Anti-arrhythmic drug
Insulin or other oral drugs for treatment of diabetes mellitus
Cholesterol-lowering drug
Antihyperlipidemic drug
Anti-anemic drug
Exercise Habits