Number of goal items in each prefecture

Information on health promotion plans of each prefecture, published by May 31, 2019, was obtained from the website of each local government. (1)

The number of prefectural target indicators ranges from 17 to 154.

Best 5 prefectures for the number of target indicators

Prefecture Title of Prefectural Health Promotion Plans The number of indicators
Nagano Shinshu preservation of health medical general plan (the first term) 154
Shimane Shimane Health and Longevity Promotion Plan, Term 2 89
Okinawa Healthy Okinawa 21 (the second term) 86
Aichi Healthy Japan 21 Aichi New Plan 84
Miyazaki Healthy MIYAZAKI Action Plan 21 (the second term) 69

The number of indicators was varied in each prefecture. Reference indicatorswere provided by prefecture with less target indicators.

*Reference indicators
The indicators which are useful to identify the current achievement and problems for target indicators but are difficult to evaluate continuously. (2)

  1. Matsumoto M et al. Jpn J Nutr Diet. 2020. 78.(3) 121-130.
  2. Tokyo Health Promotion Plan 21(the second term)