About This Project


Initiated in 2013, Health Japan 21 (the second term) aims to extend healthy life expectancy and reduce health disparities, establishing targets in 53 specific areas.
In order to achieve these targets, it is necessary to continuously investigate and analyze numerical data for the main items and to understand variations in health status and lifestyle habits within the prefectures.
The Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare has commissioned the National Institute of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition to implement this project with the goal of conducting the analysis and assessment vital for achieving all of the targets defined by Health Japan 21 (the second term).

Project Details

Updates current data and creates graphs related to each of the targets of Health Japan 21 (the second term)
Analyzes annual changes in critical National Health and Nutrition Survey data--which is used to determine the targets of Health Japan 21 (the second term)--and compares the changes with those of other countries
Sorts basic data related to disparities in health, such as National Health and Nutrition Surveys by prefecture as well as the targets of each prefecture's promotion plan and the state of progress of its initiatives