The second term of National Health Promotion Movement in the twenty first century

Health Japan 21 (the second term) Analysis and Assessment Project

National Health and Nutrition Survey

Based on the Health Promotion Act (Act No. 103 of 2002), the National Health and Nutrition Survey is a survey conducted annually by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare in order to understand the status of people's health, nutritional intake, and lifestyle habits and to obtain basic data necessary for comprehensive health promotion.

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Fluctuations in survey items

You can browse the fluctuations in National Health and Nutrition Survey items. Note that survey items related to smoking and alcohol use are from the Physical Status Questionnaire up through 2002, and from the Lifestyle Habits Questionnaire from 2003 onward.

Annual changes in primary health indicators
Results by prefecture
National Health and Nutrition Survey results

You can download a list of the primary survey results from 1946–present in Excel format. For the yearly reports, please visit the here or the National Institute of Health and Nutrition homepage.

English summaries for yearly reports are avairable as follows.

Research papers

    See the papers discussing the data from the National Health and Nutrition Survey.

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