The number of unique prefectural target indicators

Information on health promotion plans of each prefecture, published by May 31, 2019, was obtained from the website of each local government.(1)


Best 5 prefectures for the number of indicators

This tends to same rank as Best 5 prefectures for the number of target indicators.

Prefecture Title of Prefectural Health Promotion Plans The number of indicators
Nagano Shinano Comprehensive Health Preservation and Treatment Plan (the first term) 97
Shimane Shimane Health and Longevity Promotion Plan(the second term) 46
Okinawa Healthy Okinawa 21 (the second term) 39
Aichi Healthy Japan 21 New Aichi Plan 37
Miyazaki Healthy Miyazaki Action Plan 21 (the second term) 33

Example of unique indicators

  • Chiba

    How long do you enjoy the TV, Video or DVD on weekdays? (the percentage of individuals to enjoy the TV, Video or DVD more than 3 hours a day)

  • Hyogo

    Increase in the percentage of individuals to check his/her weight (20 years or older)

  • Tokushima

    Increase in the number of certificate holders in “Silver Daigakuin” which offers classes to learn high level of professional subjects for elderly individuals.

(1) Matsumoto M et al. Jpn J Nutr Diet. 2020. 78. (3) 121-130.