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Characteristics of WASHOKU: Japanese Traditional Dietary Culture, Compared With Sustainable Healthy Diets Based on Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture and Food Systems
Yamaguchi M、Nishi N: 国際栄養情報センター: Japanese Foods: Ingredients & Culture: 2022.9: American Chemical Society


Association between Food Sources of Free Sugars and Weight Status among Children and Adolescents in Japan: The 2016 National Health and Nutrition Survey, Japan
Fujiwara A、Okada E、Matsumoto M、Tajima R、Yuan X、Takimoto H: 栄養疫学・食育研究部: Nutrients: 14(17): 3659, 2022.9 PubMed

Association of the interaction between physical activity and sitting time with mortality in older Japanese adults
Watanabe D、Yamada Y、Yoshida T、Watanabe Y、Hatamoto Y、Fujita H、Miyachi M、Kimura M: 身体活動研究部: Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports: 00: 1-11, 2022.9.16 PubMed

Combined use of sleep quality and duration is more closely associated with mortality risk among older adults: a population-based Kyoto-Kameoka prospective cohort study
Watanabe D、Yoshida T、Watanabe Y、Yamada Y、Miyachi M、Misaka K、et.al: 身体活動研究部: Journal of Epidemiology: 2022.9.12 PubMed

Combined use of two frailty tools in predicting mortality in older adults
Watanabe D、Yoshida T、Yamada Y、Watanabe Y、Yamada M、Fujita H、Miyachi M、et.al: 身体活動研究部: Scientific Reports: 12(1): 15042, 2022.9.3 PubMed

Consumer perceptions of health-related claims with broad conceptual or direct benefit expressions
Tanemura N、Koshizaka M、Chiba T: 食品保健機能研究部: Journal of Functional Foods: 972022.9 PubMed

Effect of Excessive Screen Time on Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Children: A Longitudinal Study
Goto Ryo、Isa T、Kawaharada R、Horibe K、Tsuboi Y、Nakatsuka K、Uchida K、Saeki K、Ono R: 身体活動研究部: Children: 9(10): 1422, 2022.9.20 PubMed

Estimation of the Effect of Salt-Intake Reduction on Cardiovascular Mortality Decline between 1950 and 2017 in Japan: A Retrospective Simulation Study
Sugiyama T、Ikeda N、Minowa K、Nishi N: 国際栄養情報センター: Nutrients: 14(18): 3747, 2022.9.10 PubMed

Frequency of working at home, body mass index, and productivity in Japanese office workers: A cohort study
Nakatsuka K、Murata S、Oka T、Tsuboi Y、Saeki K、Tezuka M、Ono R: 身体活動研究部: Work: 2022.9.5 PubMed

Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor α Has a Protective Effect on Fatty Liver Caused by Excessive Sucrose Intake
Yamazaki T、Ihato M: 栄養・代謝研究部: Biomedicines: 10(9): 2199, 2022.9.6 PubMed

Synergistic Effect of Increased Total Protein Intake and Strength Training on Muscle Strength: A Dose-Response Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
Tagawa R、Watanabe D、Ito K、Otsuyama T、Nakayama K、Sanbongi C、Miyachi M: 身体活動研究部: Sports Medicine - Open : 8(110): 1-12, 2022.9.4 PubMed

Variability in energy expenditure is much greater in males than females
Halsey LG、Pontzer H、Kimura M、Yoshida T、Luke AH、Rood J、Sagayama H、Schoeller DA、Westerterp KR、Wong WW、Yamada Y、Speakman JR、et al. (all 83 authors): 身体活動研究部: Journal of Human Evolution: 171: 103229, 2022.9.15 PubMed






中潟崇、村上晴香、川上諒子、Tripette J、中江悟司、山田陽介、高田和子、田中茂穂、宮地元彦: 身体活動研究部: 第77回 日本体力医学会大会: 2022.9.21: 栃木(オンライン開催)

東泉裕子、金田恭江、下村千史、安冨藍、西平順、山本(前田)万里、瀧本秀美: 食品保健機能研究部: 第69回日本栄養改善学会学術総会: 2022.9.17: 川崎医療福祉大学(岡山、ウェブ開催)

山田陽介、渡邉大輝、糸井亜弥、南里妃名子: 身体活動研究部: 第77回 日本体力医学会大会: 2022.9.23: 栃木(オンライン開催): シンポジウム31:体力科学分野における栄養・食事、エネルギー摂取量を調査する方法と意義(座長:中潟崇、山田陽介)

円丁春陽、熊谷諒子、内田一彰、沖侑大郎、川上絵里奈 、足立恵理子、上野奈美、安達則子、古和久朋、小野玲: 身体活動研究部: 第11回日本認知症予防学会学術集会: 2022.9.23: 福岡



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