About "Miné Tool Commons"

"Miné Tool Commons" is a platform where the results of the joint research project “Development of Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate the Creation of New Drugs” have been made available to the public for easy, hands-on access. The platform contains various tools (called gadgets) comprised of medical data, analysis programs, and prediction models based on the framework developed by the Public/Private R&D Investment Strategic Expansion Program (PRISM).

As part of this joint research project, we have gathered medical data and domain knowledge in a data driven-manner for the purpose of finding new drug targets (such as proteins and other biological molecules on which drugs act) in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and lung cancer, which are the target diseases of this project. In addition, we have developed novel analysis programs to search for drug targets based on this data as well as natural language processing programs to automatically extract medical and biological terminology from medical texts and academic papers.

Please refer to About the Gadgets & Data for more information about the programs and data and refer to Terms of Use & Register for use of the programs and data.

The programs, forecasting models, and data published on Miné Tool Commons were provided by the following organizations participating in this project. We anticipate adding more functionality through the addition of new gadgets in the future.

In alphabetical order
National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health, and Nutrition
Kyushu Institute of Technology
Kyoto University
National Cancer Center Japan
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Nara Institute of Science and Technology