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A Scoping Review of Epidemiological Studies on Intake of Sugars in Geographically Dispersed Asian Countries: Comparison of Dietary Assessment Methodology.
Fujiwara A、Omura Y 、Oono F、Sugimoto M、Sasaki S、Takimoto H: 栄養疫学・食育研究部: Adv Nutr: 2022.5 PubMed

Association Between Meeting Return-to-Sport Criteria and Psychological Readiness to Return to Sport After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
Ueda Y、Matsushita、Shibata Y、Takiguchi K、Ono K、Kida A、Ono R: 身体活動研究部: Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine: 10(5): 2022.5.10 PubMed

Current Status of Health-related Clinical Evaluation Outcome: Overview of Systematic Literature Reviews for Improvement of Intestinal Environment Health Claim Category
Tanemura N、Yoshida H、Chiba T: 食品保健機能研究部: Journal of Functional Foods: 942022.5 PubMed

Dietary Vitamin B1 Intake Influences Gut Microbial Community and the Consequent Production of Short-Chain Fatty Acids
Park J、Hosomi K、Kawashima H、Chen Y、Mohsen A、Ohno H、Konishi K、Tanisawa K、Kifushi M、Kogawa M、Takeyama H、Murakami H、Kubota T、Miyachi M、Kunisawa J、Mizuguchi K: 身体活動研究部: Nutrients: 14(10): 2022.5.16 PubMed

Estimating Energy Cost of Body Weight Resistance Exercise Using a Multistage Exercise Test
Nakagata T、Yamada Y、Naito H: 身体活動研究部: Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research: 36(5): 1290-1296, 2022.5 PubMed

Joint effect of cognitive decline and walking ability on incidence of wandering behavior in older adults with dementia: A cohort study
Murata S、Takegami M、Ogata S、Ono R、et.al: 身体活動研究部: International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry: 37(5): 2022.5 PubMed

Seven-year incidence of new-onset hypertension by frequency of dairy intake among survivors of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Miyagawa N、Megumi Tsubota-Utsugi、Tsuboyama-Kasaoka N、Nishi N、Haruki Shimoda、Kiyomi Sakata、Akira Ogawa、Seiichiro Kobayashi: 国際栄養情報センター: Hypertens Res: 2022.5 PubMed

Short-chain fatty acids, acetate and propionate, directly upregulate osteoblastic differentiation
Kondo T、Chiba T、Tousen Y: 食品保健機能研究部: International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition: 26: 1-9, 2022.5.26 PubMed

Trends and Disparities in Adult Body Mass Index Across the 47 Prefectures of Japan, 1975–2018: A Bayesian Spatiotemporal Analysis of National Household Surveys
Ikeda N、Nakaya T、Bennett J、Ezzati M、Nishi N: 国際栄養情報センター: Frontiers in Public Health: 10: 83057, 2022.5.20 PubMed

Trends in dietary salt sources in Japanese adults: data from the 2007-2019 National Health and Nutrition Survey
Matsumoto M、Tajima R、Fujiwara A、Yuan X、Okada E、Takimoto H: 栄養疫学・食育研究部: Br J Nutr . 2022 May 4;1-42.: 2022.5.4 PubMed

Weight over-reporting is associated with low muscle mass among community-dwelling Japanese adults aged 40 years and older: a cross sectional study
Nakagata T、Yoshida T、Watanabe D、Arishima Y、Yamada Y、Sawada N、Shimada H、Nishi N、Miyachi M: 身体活動研究部: Journal of Physiological Anthropology: 41(19): 2022.5.5 PubMed

東泉裕子、水島諒子、小板谷典子、黒谷佳代、西平順、山本(前田)万里、瀧本秀美: 食品保健機能研究部: 日本公衆衛生雑誌: 69(5): 368-382, 2022.5







国立保健医療科学院のWEBによる講義、指導「 地域における健康危機管理 〜災害時の地域の栄養課題と支援の実際〜」
坪山(笠岡)宜代: 国際栄養情報センター: 国立保健医療科学院 健康危機管理研究部 WEB 開催: 2022.5.27


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