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Department of Nutritional Education
Section of Nutritional Care and Management
Section of Shokuiku

Department of Nutritional Education
This department undertakes research on effective methodology of nutrition education for health promotion throughout one's life. We aim to explore the approach toward sound growth during infancy and childhood, prevention of metabolic syndrome in adults and adequate diet for the elderly, as well as practical application in collaboration with the professionals working on health promotion.
  • Section of Nutritional Care and Management

    This section undertakes research to provide dietary and physical activity guidance for the people in needs of specific nutritional care (the elderly, people affected by certain diseases, and athletes). In particular, our current focal studies include;
    - assessment methods of energy requirements and nutritional status
    - support and environment for the above people to maintain adequate nutrient intake.

    We aim to work on practical research, with sharing issues to be discussed among nutritional specialists and other concerned professionals.

  • Section of Shokuiku*

    This section aims to establish a foundation of scientific evidence useful to promote "Shokuiku", and undertakes research to explore appropriate dietary behaviors during pregnancy so as to attain good pregnancy outcome.
    In addition, we undertake empirical research, including questionnaire survey for adults, on food environment and collaboration toward shokuiku promotion, and propose effective implementation and evaluation of Shokuiku programs in collaboration with nutrition specialists and other relevant professionals.

    * In Japanese, "shoku" means food and diet, and "iku" means growth or education. Shokuiku covers a wide range of concepts of food and nutrition education..
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