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About us
About the National Institute of Health and Nutrition (NIHN)
The National Institute of Health and Nutrition was first founded in 1920 as the Nutrition Institute of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Since its establishment, it has been making numerous contributions to improve nutrition and dietary habit and to advance the knowledge of health and nutrition science for the public.

As of April 1st, 2001, based on policy changes of the Government, NIHN has become an incorporated administrative agency - the National Institute of Health and Nutrition' to provide leadership for the public by conducting surveys and research on health maintenance and promotion as well as nutrition and dietary habit. As an independent administrative agency, NIHN is expected to operate voluntarily and flexibly as well as to practice efficiency to meet the public's demands.

NIHN is fully committed to provide satisfactory services for the public and improve its operations based on assessment by the Government. NIHN's objective is to take full responsibility in scientific research in order to meet the public's expectations.

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