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Independent administrative agency National Institute Health and Nutrition
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Executive Director (President of the NIHN)

Keiichi Abe


Yukari Takemi







Director for Research Coordination and Evaluation

Yukako Hinohara


Research Department

Department Directoly under the Executive Director
  Section of Healthy Longevity Researches Head  Keiichi Abe* 
Researcher Yosuke Yamada


Section of Research Collaboration and Partnership

Head Kouichi Hirota


Senior Advisor Yoshiko Ishimi
Department of Nutritional Epidemiology and Shokuiku Chief Hidemi Takimoto
  Section of the National Health and Nutrition Survey Head  Hidemi Takimoto* 
Chief Researcher Emiko Okada
    Researcher Chika Okada 
    Researcher  Iori Narai 
  Section of Shokuiku Head Kayo Kurotani


Senior Research Fellow Kouichi Yamada

Department of Physical Activity Research


Motohiko Miyachi


Section of Exercise Guideline


Yuko Gando


Section of Behavioral Physiology


Haruka Murakami

Department of Clinical Nutrition

Chief Tetsuya Kubota*


Invited Chief Naoto Kubota*
Section of Nutrition Therapy Head Takanori Hayashi


Section of Chrononutrition


Tomomi Yamazaki 

Department of Nutrition and Metabolism

Chief Shigeho Tanaka


Section of Energy Metabolism

Head Shigeho Tanaka*


Researcher Yoichi Hatamoto


Senior Research Fellow Toshimasa Osaka
Section of Dietary Guidelines Head Kazuko Takata

Department of Food Function and Labeling


Tsuyoshi Chiba

Section of Information Network of Health Food Head Yoko Sato


Section of Food Component Analysis


Jun Takebayashi

    Researcher  Ippei Suzuki 


Section of Food Safety and Function


Yuko Tousen

    Researcher  Takashi Kondo 
Information and Exernal Department


International Center for Nutrition and Information


Nobuo Nishi

Section of International Nutrition Strategy Head Nobuo Nishi*
    Researcher Chisa Shinsugi

Section of Population Health Metrics


Nayu Ikeda 

Section of Global Disaster Nutrition


Nobuyo Tsuboyama-Kasaoka 

    Researcher Naoko Miyagawa







Administrative Department


Department of General Affairs

General Affairs Section of the NIHN
Accounting Section of the NIHN


Departmnt of Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Section

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