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The following 2 centers were established in 1st April 2006; one is as an Information Department and the other as an Extrernal Department.

1. Information Center

Information Center plays an important role as a core center to disseminate information from the NIHN. Collecting research outcomes and information on health and nutrition, we provide useful information through the NIHN website and newsletter. Additionally, we collect basic information on the foods with health claims (e.g. "Foods for Specified Health Uses", foods with nutrient function claims) and information on health hazard of so-called health foods for effective implementation of the national health systems related to health, diet and nutrition.

2. Center for International Collaboration and Partnership

This center works on planning and coordination of various external programs at the NIHN; establishment of international research networks in particular with Asian countries, promotion of collaborative research with overseas research institutes, fellowship/training programs for young foreign researchers, collaborative research with domestic universities and private companies and organization of international symposiums. Furthermore, as a GEMS/Food Collaborating Institution, we provide dietary intake data from the National Health and Nutrition Survey to the WHO.
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