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Information Center

Section of Information Network of Health Food

Section of Nutrition Informatics and Technology
Information Center
Information Center plays an important role as a core center to disseminate information from the NIHN. Collecting research outcomes and information on health and nutrition, we provide useful information through the NIHN website and news letter. Additionally, we collect basic information on the foods with health claims (e.g. gFoods for Specified Health Usesh, food with nutrient function claims) and information on health hazard of so-called health foods for effective implementation of the national health systems related to health, diet and nutrition.

  • Section of Information Network of Health Food

    Abundant information on so-called health foods and food components interferes with dissemination of the foods with health systems and promotion of appropriate lifestyle habits. In this context, this section collects and accumulates sound information on safety and effectiveness of foods and food components based on scientific evidence, which is provided on the NIHN website "Information system on safety and effectiveness for health foods (https://hfnet.nih.go.jp: Japanese only)". In order to inform consumers about risk, this section also attempts to establish a system where we can obtain cooperation from the concerned health and nutrition specialists and collaboration with other institutes and organizations.

  • Section of Nutrition Information and Technology

    Responding to the needs ranging from the general public to the professionals, this section collects, both domestic and international, information on health, diet and nutrition. The collected information is accumulated in the database, and provided through the NIHN website and newsletter. In this way, we support people in obtaining correct and appropriate information and choosing ideal health behaviors.

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