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Center for Drug Design Research


○Director Ken J. ISHII
○Deputy Directors Teiji TAKEI、Shin-ichi TSUNODA
○Administration Division (Chief)Yuichiro EJIMA
○Laboratory of Innovative Antibody Engineering and Design (Project Leader)Yasuo TSUTSUMI
○Laboratory of XNA Screening and Design (Project Leader)Satoshi OBIKA
○Laboratory of Vaccine Design (Project Leader)Ken J. ISHII
○Laboratory of Medicinal Plant Screening (Project Leader)Nobuo KAWAHARA
○Laboratory of In-silico Drug Design (Project Leader)Kenji MIZUGUCHI
○Laboratory of Pharmacokinetic Optimization (Project Leader)Shin-ichi TSUNODA
○Other Laboratories and Departments


The Center for Drug Design Research focuses on research and development of new technologies relating to drug screening, in-silico design and pharmaceutical optimization in order to contribute to the development of innovative drugs, such as antibody, nucleic acid-based drugs, vaccines or other new modalities. Utilizing every technology and resource established within this center, we also serves as an technical support core of the nationwide project “Drug Discovery Support Network” that assists transitioning various drug seeds from academia to clinical applications.



Drug Design Research

In recent medical drug development, not only small chemicals but also middle or high molecular weight drugs, such as biologics and nucleic acid drugs, are anticipated. There are also great expectation in preventive or therapeutic vaccine development. However, because the theory of design for these new category of drugs have not been established well, various technologies for drug design are required. In this center, we are focusing on the research of such drug design technologies and contributing for innovative drug development.


Drug Discovery and Design Support

“Drug Discovery Support Network” is a nation wide program to assist transitioning the seeds from academia to drug development. Our center is the technical support core of the above program assisting design and optimization of antibody drugs, nucleic acid drugs and vaccines, in-silico drug design, medicinal plant library screening, and also providing various bioresources. We will assist the drug discovery via Drug Discovery Support Network and then contribute to the innovative drug development.



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