Welcome to Laboratory of Vaccine Materials, National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition.

We are trying to reveal uniqueness of mucosal immune system for better understanding mucosal immunology as well as apply the knowledge to the development of mucosal vaccine for the better regulation of infectious and allergic diseases (go to "Research").

In addition to our laboratory, the project leader, Jun Kunisawa, work for The University of Tokyo, Osaka University, Kobe University. Therefore, our research group members are constituted of various backgrounds, facilitating interaction with each other on the basis of different research motivation but all for contribution to mucosal immunology where it has been one of the biggest subjects in immunology. Accumulating evidences indicate that mucosal immunity-based vaccine treatment and immunotherapy are not just possibility but rather effective.

We always welcome you, postdoctoral fellow, graduate student, technical staff and research cooperation, and look forward to sharing the research dream with you!(More information)