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The 1st Asian Network Symposium on Nutrition

Subject:    Optimizing maternal and child nutrition for the prevention of chronic diseases
(Simultaneously translated in Japanese and English)
Date: Friday, January 16, 2004 , 13:00 - 18:00
Venue: KKR Hotel, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3287-2921
Fax: 03-3287-2913
Presented by: National Institute of Health and Nutrition
Sponsored by: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Japan Doctors Association,
Japan Dietitian's Association,
Japan International Cooperation Agency,
Japan International Corporation of Welfare Services


1. 13:00-13:10 Opening address Dr. Heizo Tanaka (Director-General)

2. 13:10-13:30 Keynote Speaker Dr. Tommaso Cavalli-Sforza
(WHO, WPRO Regional Adviser in Nutrition and Food Safety)
Emerging non-communicable disease risks and the need for early interventions

3. Sharing country experiences
13:30-13:50 Prof. Yasuhide Nakamura (Osaka Univ., Japan)
Maternal and Child Health Handbook Program in Indonesia

13:50-14:20 Dr. Bachti Alisjahbana (Padjadjaran Univ., Indonesia)
The Tanjunsari Cohort Study: valuable experiences and future plans

14:20-14:40 Dr. Satoshi Sasaki (NIHN)
Childhood anemia in Kazakhstan-assessment and food based approaches

14:40-15:10 Dr. Aidjanov Mussa (Kazakh Academy of Nutrition)
Prevention and Control of Maternal and Child Anemia in Kazakhstan: Priorities and Action Steps

-------------------------------15:10-15:30 Coffee break----------------------------

15:30-15:50 Dr. M. Mostafa Zaman
( WHO National Professional Officer in NCD, Bangladesh)
Childhood nutrition and the prevention of rheumatic fever

16:00-16:20 Dr. Hidemi Takimoto (NIHN)
Recent increase in low-birth-weight infants in Japan - need for action?

4. Open discussions (16:20 -17:50)
Designated speakers
Dr. Emorn Wasantwisut (Mahidol Univ., Thailand)
Dr. Chittaranjan Yajnik (KEM Hospital Research Center, India)

5. 17:50-18:00 Closing address Dr. Kazushige Masuda (Executive Director)

Other information
Admission: Free of charge
Maximum capacity: 150
Please register at reception desk
Doors open at: 12:00pm
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